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Piano Music Blog by Pianimals

"Teach Me Piano Mommy"

As a piano teacher this is music to my ears, but it's a statement I wish I heard more frequently. With the progression of modern technology, specifically the toys, apps, and games available to children these days - I often get concerned that there is less and less of an interest in piano. However, when that little flicker of interest is sparked - it's imperative we act and expose todays children to the wonder of the piano!

Learning the piano increases a child's sensory skills and perception. This will enable the child to write faster, learn faster, learn more, and remember longer then his or her peers; moreover, it will put them vastly ahead of all the other children in their age group. Piano lessons help children perfect their natural learning processes. Music is a language, and children are programmed to absorb languages.

So Where To Begin?

Begin by simply giving your child the opportunity to make and create music any means necessary. If you have a piano or keyboard, let them sit down and explore it on their terms. Keep their interest piqued, and keep their little creative juices rolling. If you don't have quick access to one, try an application online or for a smart phone - anything that will allow them to explore their own musical creativity. Begin by encouraging the creativity, and rewarding their newfound interest with plenty of praise and feedback. Encourage them to continue, play a familiar tune, or even create a new one - just keep the environment positive and happy.

After their creativity has been explored, then its time to address how to take the next step into formal training. Speaking from experience, it's much easier then you might think! On my next blog post, I will cover just how easy and simple the transition can be.

- Peter J. - Staff Writer at PiAnimals.com

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